What is a Conservation Property® ?


Conservation Property® is about stewardship. Creating a Conservation Property® is a expression of a Landowners, or Seller of real estate, conservation philosophy. The Management of the property is guided by a written Stewardship or Conservation Plan, which is voluntary and describes a holistic approach of managing the land, home, and other improvements together in a sustainable manner.


A Conservation Property® can be a property of any size. It can be located in town on a city lot or acreage out of town.


Management activities for the use, enjoyment, and protection of the land and the home is established in the plan. The plan is designed based on your goals regarding the natural resources on the property as well as defining how new or existing buildings will incorporate energy efficiency and/or alternative energy systems.


Following are just a few of the activities that can be included in a stewardship or conservation plan:



  • Sustained Yield Forest Management              - Create Wildlife Habitat & Forage
  • Hazardous fuels reduction                              - Protect unique ecosystems & land features
  • Design roads to reduce erosion                       - Riparian or Water management areas
  • Crop or Grazing Rotation                               - Reforestation



  • Active or passive solar systems                       - Site protection during construction
  • “Green” certification through organizations,  - Energy efficient Appliances

such as LEED, Earth Advantage, Energy      - Water conservation systems

Star and other similar organizations                - Edible Landscaping

  • Porous walkways, patios, and driveways       -  Drip irrigation


By making your property a Conservation Property®, not only do you establish guidance for how you will manage your property, but if that property is offered for sale, you have a venue where Like-Minded Buyers can more easily find your property. In this way you can have confidence that your philosophy and efforts will continue with the new owner.